Hi, I'm E Stanfield

I'm thrilled you're here today!

Did you know doTERRA oils are safe for pets too?  Message me to find out about free Pet Classes!  Below are my girls, Sgt. Pepper + Maz.  

Let me share my story...

I love helping families with their physical and emotional health goals. I've been a dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate for 6 years and have found ways to improve my family's overall health through natural solutions. Sharing this knowledge with others is a privilege. 

My youngest child is so active! He is always pulling a muscle or getting super sore from juggling the soccer ball 567 times with no pause.  No kidding!

My oldest child has often suffered from chronic digestive issues.  At times, this prevented him from doing the things he loved.  We were constantly at the doctor trying to find solutions to these problems.  Nothing seemed to help. 

Instead of turning to medication, my family was able to use nutrition along with 100% pure dōTERRA® oils and products to improve their emotional and physical health.  As I learned to create my own home care products using my favorite oils, we replaced toxic soaps, lotions, and cleansers.  And, you know, we started to notice the difference each change made in our overall health!

I have also been in the pet industry for over 20 years.  I LOVE helping people with natural solutions for their pets, too!  Essential oils are safe for your furry friends ... IF you are using unadulterated, highly tested, pure oils.  And you are in the right place for that! Recently, Sgt Pepper ran into a metal chair chasing a ball and tweaked her shoulder.  I was able to support her body with massaging her shoulder with AromaTouch and putting Frankincense + Copaiba on her gums.  I love teaching people how to help their animals naturally.  

Get a FREE sample today and try dōTERRA® for yourself.  Scroll down to snag my special FREE gift -- I promise you'll be glad you did!

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