I LOVE my monthly

Healthy Habits box!

I might even do a happy dance.

Would you like a monthly Healthy Habits box
delivered right to your front door?

What is a Healthy Habits box?

This little Healthy Habits box is a fantastic way to move closer and closer to your everyday healthy goals and it's SUPER easy and affordable when you're signed up for dōTERRA®'s Loyalty Rewards Program. Here's what you can do!

  • Customize Your Box Every Month: This monthly box isn't curated by anyone else -- it's customized each month by YOU!  So you are sure to get exactly what you want, when you want.

  • Replace what you usually buy at the supermarket with natural, nontoxic dōTERRA® products instead (at a really affordable price!).  Update cleaning products, supplements, vitamins, body care, wellness products, skin care and so much more!

  • Get FREE Products!  When you ship your order by the 15th of each month, you get the product of the month totally FREE!

  • Earn Credits Towards Future Purchases: Where else do you shop that gives you up to 55% BACK in product credit EVERY TIME you shop?!  The longer you've had your monthly box, the more you get back.

  • Cancel Anytime: No contracts or extra fees, you can simply stop your monthly order anytime you want with no penalties or guilt trip -- EVER.

  • Free Shipping!  Spend $4 on shipping and get a $4 product credit to your account.

If you love natural, non-toxic products, this is a definite no-brainer.

These are my favorite thing to get every month. They're simple, affordable and they help me replace toxic products with ones I know and trust.

Why a monthly Healthy Habits box?

Are you looking for ways to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle, combat aging, replace toxic everyday remedies for cleaning, skin care, physical care, mental clarity and emotional needs?  Then this box is perfect for you!

  • Want to detox your home from everyday chemicals and toxins?  This is an awesome, affordable way to do it.

  • Ready to take care of your body and feel better?  This little box can help you get the best supplements and remedies available.

  • Looking for the perfect anti-aging solution?  This little box has a solution for that too.

  • Want to cut back on spending and exhaustive searching for the best natural products for your home, body, mind and emotions?  Then this little box has your name written all over it.

  • Are you eager to try new things for health and happiness?  This is for you!

  • Have you been itching to live a more healthy lifestyle but just not sure where to start?  This little box is the perfect place to start.

  • Would you love a simple, affordable, easy way to share what you've discovered with the people you love?  Then this is definitely for you!

If I haven't made you curious enough or excited to try a monthly Healthy Habits box for yourself and your people, then simply call, text or email me -- let's chat right now.  Because this monthly Healthy Habits box has changed the way I live and made it so easy, affordable, and simple to make those changes.  I can't imagine life without it now!  I would LOVE to help you so you can see what it's like too.

Get your monthly Healthy Habits box!

It's SUPER DUPER simple.

STEP 1. Make sure you're signed up as a dōTERRA® Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate.

STEP 2. Spend as little as 50PV each month to make sure you're getting the rewards points and benefits. Or spend 125PV each month, by the 15th of the month, to get the FREE product of the month too!

STEP 3. Place your monthly order at the beginning of each month so you get exactly what you want, when you want it!  (I'll even email you at the beginning of each month so you remember to change your order and I'll give you a sneak peek into what I'm ordering too!)

STEP 4. Don't hesitate to text, email or chat with me if you have any questions about how I do it and how you can do it too!

Ready to get going with your very own monthly Healthy Habits box?
Let's get you started!

Want to see examples?  I thought so!

Here are examples of monthly Healthy Habits boxes I've ordered in the past . . .

Anxious Feelings

  • Adaptiv Capsules

  • Adaptiv Oil 15ml

  • Balance Oil 15ml

Life can feel overwhelming, OFTEN!  This is my favorite combo to help life seem less suffocating.  The Adaptiv capsules are in my wellness box EVERY month <3

My Pet Faves

  • Frankincense Oil 15ml

  • Lavender Oil 15ml

  • Copaiba Oil 15ml

There's not enough room to share the awesomeness of these 3 oils.  I use all of them with my fur babies (and human babies too) often.  From bug bites to hotspots and calming them down, these are a must! 

Overall Health

  • Lifelong Vitality Pack (there's a vegan version too!)

  • Turmeric Duo Capsules

  • On Guard Oil 15ml

Nutrition is the foundation of our health!  LLV gives you a complete foundation for optimal health.  Turmeric Duo Caps combine the essential oil with the root making it more bioavailable to your body than the root alone.  They work synergistically to provide with the best support. On Guard keep us protected from free radicals.  And helps to boost the immune system.                                              

Love it, but want something a little different?  No problem.  It's YOUR box, change it up!  And I'm always here if you need more suggestions!

QUESTIONS? Contact Me Today.

I would love to help you get started with your own monthly Healthy Habits box!

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